Monday, August 15, 2011

Editorial Topics to Write About

The following article deals with editorial topics to write about and also gives an overview of how to write on good editorial topics.
Editorials are similar to essays in which an editor puts forth his views regarding a certain topic which he feels strongly about and it generally relates to the current events or happenings in his surroundings. In short, editorials reflect the facts and opinions regarding a particular topic in a precise and concise manner along with the editor's analysis of that subject. Editorials help people gain an insight of the social, economic and cultural conditions of their surroundings.

Interesting Editorial Topics to Write About
The different topics that one could think about writing in today's scenario are The topics to be chosen should provide the audience/readers with a content which they can relate to. A thoughtful and comprehensive analysis of a given topic, taking into account the facts and ground realities, should be presented before the readers. The editorials written for a newspaper enjoy a wider coverage in comparison to those of magazines and journals. Editorial topics for newspapers mostly include subjects related to the present political scenario and economics. For example: There are numerous issues or topics to write editorials on. Here are a few topics provided for editorial writing, grouped under some important sub-categories.

Editorials for Newspapers
The editorials written for newspapers deal with current affairs and issues. These editorials need to be comprehensive in terms of information and should also be thought provoking. Politics, business and sports are the areas generally included in such editorials. An editorial needs to be unbiased and clear in its presentation of facts and ideas. The following topics/issues are given importance in editorials for newspapers.

Editorial Topics on Environmental Issues: There is a great variety of topics that one can choose from when it comes to environmental issues. People interested in environmental issues can voice their opinions about many issues regarding the degradation of the environment and other such problems. Following is the list of various editorial topics related to environmental issues. Editorial Topics on Economics: It is necessary to keep track of the happenings in the field of business, world trade, status of the economies of the developing and developed nations, etc. Regarding the economic aspect, one can write on the following topics. Editorials about Health Issues: There are many topics on health issues that one could write on. The following are some editorial topics pertaining to health issues.
  • Ill Effects of Junk Food
  • Malnutrition in Third World
  • Benefits of Organic Food Consumption
  • Obesity Problems in Developed Countries
  • Health Education
  • Bioterrorism
  • Food Safety
Editorials on Science and Technology: With the fast changing technology, new gadgets and gizmos are being invented almost everyday. The changes taking place in the filed of science and technology are manifold and they affect our day-to-day life in different ways. One can write on different topics related to science and technology such as: Editorial Topics on Agriculture: The editorial topics related to the field of agriculture could include the following topics which deal with the problems/issues in agriculture in today's scenario.
  • Future of Organic Farming
  • Agricultural Production and Food Crisis
  • Carbon Credits and Farming
Magazine Editorials
These editorials have a certain 'target audience' of their own and deal in niche areas. The different types of magazines could be those operating in the field of sports, lifestyle, entertainment industry, etc.

Sports Topics: The editorial topics for sports could discuss about the various issues in this field, the performing teams and players, etc.
  • Significance of Olympics
  • How do Sports Bridge National Boundaries
  • Doping - How is it Affecting Sports?
  • National Team vs Professional Teams
Lifestyle Topics: There many topics that one could deal with in the section of lifestyle editorials. Let us have a look at some of the topics that could be placed under lifestyle editorials.
  • Social Relations in the 21st Century
  • Green Lifestyle - Influence of Global Warming
  • Social and Cultural Changes Induced by Globalization
Entertainment Topics: Editorials on these topics often deal with various aspects of the entertainment and media industry. These editorial topics are favorites of film journal and entertainment magazine editors. Here are some of them. It's not that writing editorials is only about writing for newspapers and magazines in public circulation. Even school magazines meant for private circulation have an editorial column. Editorial topics for these magazines should be such that they interest pertain to issues that school students have to deal with. Here we will take a look at some high school and middle school editorial topics to write about.

Editorial Topics for High School Students
The editorial topics for high school students should be such that they appeal to the children and present before them the problems of the real world. Editorial Topics for Middle School Students
Editorial topics for kids should be interesting to write on and also interest the readers. School kids can try to write on the subjects like the forthcoming elections in their town. It helps to create awareness in children about what's happening around them. It is seen that the children enjoy the work which encourages them to ask questions, find information, sharpen their analytical skills and which satiates their curiosity. One can choose from the following editorial topics for middle school to write an editorial. Good editorial topics take into account the information needs of the readers, are appealing and speak about the current scenario. The editorial topics to write about should be interesting and should present before the readers a write-up that is comprehensive and contains sufficient information which is relevant to the topic.


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