Monday, August 15, 2011

Interesting Topics to Write About

You are looking for interesting topics to write about, and you are unable to find anything that fascinates you. What do you do when you've simply run out of inspiration? The following article will give you some insight into finding an interesting topic to write about.
Before starting the search for interesting topics to write about, you should understand where your interests lie. Only then will you be able to identify the writing topics that fascinate you. It is advisable to begin by noting down your areas of interest, and then constructing a topic around these interests. If everything else fails, then write on writing itself, which is what this 'humble author' is doing.

Being a student of science, I am very interested in anything that has to do with science. I am particularly fascinated by weird science. In the following article, I will be exploring topics related to this science, as well as some other interesting fields.

When Aliens Meet Earthlings
The phenomenon of UFO sightings has been a thrilling topic for most of us over the years. America wouldn't be America without alien abductions stories and UFO sightings. Writing about extraterrestrial activity is one of the most fascinating subjects in the world. Food for Thought: Do you think there are aliens amongst us?
Fun Fact: Almost 2 percent of Americans have experiences like those of alien abduction.

The Mystique of the Paranormal
Paranormal means outside of normal. It is another one of the interesting topics to write about. If you haven't written on paranormal phenomena yet, you have to do it now. Experiences such as deja-vu are experienced by almost everyone. Astral projection, telekinesis and telepathy are some other experiences that you can explore. Food for Thought: Should paranormal be called abnormal or above normal?
Fun Fact: There was a belief poll held in 2005 which concluded that around 73 percent of Americans believe in paranormal phenomenon.

Ghost Mysteries and Supernatural Phenomena
Supernatural means beyond natural. Who doesn't like to talk about ghosts? Ghost stories and mysterious supernatural occurrences can make thrilling writing topics. Food for Thought: God and ghosts have striking similarities.
Fun Fact: Count Dracula, which many believe to be the first vampire, is a real historical figure.

Mysteries of the World
It is the dream of every writer to write about a mystery. And since you are searching for interesting essay writing topics, you can start with various mysteries around the world. Food for Thought: Should mysteries remain mysteries, or should we attempt to solve them, so that they are no longer mysteries?
Fun Fact: NYPD has a 200 year old murder case which they do not intend to solve.

The Matter of Astronomy
After going through the mysteries of the world, let us look at the mysteries of the universe. There are many interesting topics to write about in this field, such as the formation of the universe or the solar system or the earth. Everyone loves to write about it. Food for Thought: Will astronomers ever find life beyond our planet?
Fun Fact: Chinese astronomers are the only people to have seen the occurrence of a supernova with naked eyes.

The Predictive and Unpredictable Arts
Someone very wise once said, "If it isn't science, it's magic". The predictive arts are not magic, but they are not exact science either. Examples of predictive arts include face-reading, palmistry, and so on. Exploring the nature of such things make interesting essay topics. Food for Thought: How many predictions in your daily horoscope have come true?
Fun Fact: There's actually a Skeptic Encyclopedia of Pseudosciences.

Intriguing Animal Topics
All the essay writing topics given above are really interesting topics to write about, but interesting is a relative term. What may be interesting to one person may not be interesting to another. As an author, I find topics related to animals very interesting. The comparison of the crazy human behavior to normal animal behavior, the comparison of normal human behavior to crazy animal behavior, is quite intriguing, to say the least. Writing about animals with a touch of humor can make for interesting topics to write about. Food for Thought: At the current rate of extinction of various species, will we also soon become endangered animals?
Fun Fact: The Bat and the blue whale, of which one flies in air and the other swims at the bottom of the sea, are both taxonomically related to monkeys.

Interesting Relationship Topics: Relationship issues are one of the fun topics to write about. You are free to explore any aspect you want. You can be sarcastic, funny, naughty, happy and emotional as well. You can write about your own experiences, you can borrow from someone else's experience, or you can 'make up' as you go along. Well, writing interesting things about relationships should be easy enough. Food for Thought: What do women want in a relationship?
Fun Fact: Did you know that heterosexuals and homosexuals respond differently to same type of pheromones?

Interesting Essay Writing Topics: Essay writing has been a form of self expression for centuries now. Finding the right essay topic is important. Also the nature of the topic should be such that the reader should feel like reading the essay at the first look. Food for Thought: What is the word count of the longest essay ever written?
Fun Fact: There was a 'shortest essay writing competition' held on the Internet. The essay that won was one-sentence long!

Funny Interesting Topics to Write About: Humor is the essence of life. If you haven't laughed, then you haven't lived. There is a reason why people call laughter the best medicine. Although humorous writing is not everyone's forte, writing on funny topics is worth it. Food for Thought: Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the funniest of them all.
Fun Fact: Donald Duck has a middle name and it is Fauntleroy.

End of the World: Doomsday prophesies are abound. The Mayan calender has predicted the end of the world in 2012. Nostradamus, a famous French astrologer, has also predicted the end of the world through his prophesies. As an astute student of science, I'd like to believe that these prophesies are nothing but calculated guesses at the most. Food for Thought: If the world is really going to end, what would you be doing right now?
Fun Fact: The world still exists!

So, let's not worry about whether the world is going to end or not. Chances are it's not. And even if it is, sooner or later, there's nothing we are going to be able to do about it. So, why worry? In fact, it's all the more reason to focus on writing something interesting before we die! Hope my article on interesting topics to write about has given you an interesting essay writing idea, and has been a fun, informative, and 'interesting' read.

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